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I provide technology advice, web development and on-line marketing services to small businesses and freelancers, allowing them to focus on what they do best

Web Development

I will work with you to review what you like and dislike about your favourite sites, or sketch an outline of what you have in mind to create your website. I will guide you through the development process ensuring your website is connected to your domain, create your professional email address, set-up a suitable hosting plan and keep it running by managing all the suppliers. I can train you and your team on how to make changes to your site, or I can do these for you.

SEO Services

It is important that your website is visible to the right people and is highly ranked in the relevant internet searches. I will create a SEO marketing plan to increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. I can monitor the usage of your site and your competitors’ using analytics and the tools available to you.

Technology Advice

My aim is to help you choose the best technology for your needs and your budget. I review how you work to provide advice on how your technology can be used better. I help you manage the changes in technology so that you get the most from it. I can find the most appropriate suppliers for your business and guide you through the changes to reduce risk and costs.

I can help you improve your on-line presence by using the right social media platforms to support your marketing strategy. I will identify your target audience in the key channels to increase brand awareness, improve customer engagement and generate new leads. Together we can build better relationships with your customers and prospects through regular, low cost customised communication.

Social Media Marketing

I’ve been interested in IT and what the future holds for almost all of my life. I am experienced in understanding how technology and the Internet can create efficiencies, build strong customer relationships and empower innovation. I am also a people person and I love working with many different colleagues around the world. I have a creative side too with a good eye for what looks right. I spent 17 years as IT director for a global magazine marketing business leading projects large and small from initial concept through to completion and then providing on-going operation and support. I have experience of working with large global providers and also smaller independent consultants and freelancers.


I am based in the South of France and I support clients in Europe, the US and UK.



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